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Developing innovative products through novel strategies for infectious diseases.

With a focus on understanding and overcoming resistance mechanisms, we will make prominent, sustainable improvements in patient care across both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Our team has deep expertise in the discovery, development, and regulatory approval of anti-infective medicines, including an extensive record of working with public/private partnerships focused on new antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance.

Qpex Biopharma is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shionogi Inc.

The Unmet Need

Treatment of Infections Due To Drug-Resistant  Pathogens: A Big Problem Because There isn't Just One Therapeutic Solution

Antimicrobial drug resistance (AMR) has been described as a “big” worldwide problem. When considered in aggregate across all pathogens and patient populations, AMR annually afflicts millions of patients worldwide. However, unlike other large public health challenges, treatment challenges in AMR often occurs with specific pathogens and resistance mechanisms that afflict smaller patient populations.

Many of the problems in AMR are like rare and orphan diseases. The NIH estimates that over 10,000 known rare diseases occur in 1 in 10 people in the US, but each rare disease afflicts less then 200,000 patients annually; this number of patients is comparable to the number of infections from pathogens that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has designated as urgent antimicrobial resistance threats.

Thus, treatment solutions for specific problems in AMR and rare disease will often not occur through a single innovation applicable to hundreds of thousands of patients simultaneously, but through targeted therapeutics that are important for smaller patient populations.

Our Approach


drug resistance mechanisms



existing proven classes of drugs


new chemical classes of drugs that overcome drug resistance


drug resistance mechanisms



antibiotic potency against drug resistant bacteria

Making antibiotics work better

We have important partnerships that accelerate the development and impact of our products





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